Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Types of Planner

I have spent years vacillating about the type of planner I use.

When I started college, I used a spiral bound planner, the most basic of planners. At the time it worked pretty well. I was lousy at keeping track of it, and if I'd used it more I'd have been way better off.

When I graduated, I got a DayRunner, and that actually worked pretty well. It was bulky, and I found I tended to leave it behind. This led to years of swapping through different sizes of planner.

Over about a five year period a few years back, I tried the Moleskine planners, pretty much every variety they make. They worked all right, but the inability to add things and move things around, made them very frustrating.

I was contemplating a return to the DayRunner when I discovered the Happy Planner, and loved the concept. I got one and tried it. In the end, I found they just couldn't stand up to daily usage for me. The covers quickly started falling off. So I picked up a half-size three-ring planner, and started that. I hole punched the Happy Planner pages and put them in the binder because I liked the format of the pages.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Planner Indecisiveness

Oh the first-world problem of too many planners!

I got my Filofax (see my previous post). I like it, but I don't have a punch for it and the aggravation of that was getting to me. After a bit, it didn't seem like there was any advantage of using it over other planners with more easily accessible refills. I think it's an availability issue. If I was in England, I probably would still be using it.

I have my older, really nice Covey planner. I switched off to it after the Filofax and used it happily for a while before remembering why I gave up on that one - it's HUGE and weighs a ton.

I tried a couple of other binders before realizing that for day to day use, I don't NEED the ring-binder aspect of things.

So I'm back at Bullet Journaling. More later!